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Enterprise solutions

Aiviewgroup is the leader in unmanned technology operations that combine safety and efficiency. We offer our clients a complete overview of every stage of drone operations: project workflow implementation, team coordination and equipment management, flight coordination, automated access to controlled airspace and a digital archive to easily access all data and reports. We incorporate data-processing software and mobile apps seamlessly into your company’s standing procedures; combined with our expert advice to help you develop your ideas and train you team, you will ultimately achieve a more efficient, digitalized workflow.

Innovation & Research

Our in-depth background in industrial inspections has given us a wide range of operational experience. Our portfolio includes inspecting bridges, viaducts, powerlines, railways, dams and power plants. We have developed new procedures and techniques for automated inspections, allowing us to perform long-range and remote flights on large infrastructures.
We assist and collaborate with Civil Aviation Authorities for #UTM scenarios, Universities and research institutes to continuously widen the potential and the effectiveness of unmanned technologies.

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